If you can dream it, we can build it.

So, you want to build something. You may even have a creative idea, but don’t know where to take it. Born in Brimfield is the partner you need. We are the Brimfield, MA construction company known for personalized living solutions. Were you thinking about design-build construction? Renovation? Custom furniture? Let our skill, experience, creativity, and personal touch help you bring your ideas to life.

Creative thinking & The Born in Brimfield approach to Customer Service:

Building is just half the process. The other half is design sense. And that is where creativity comes in. Creativity is necessary to generate and develop unique ideas, than bring them to completion. In fact, company founder and president Andrew Truax will be happy to tell you how his carpentry skills and creative background helped him succeed in this rewarding business.

Licensed and insured in the states of MA and CT