Custom furniture from Brimfield, MA

Build something new
Reproduce a classic

Why settle for store-bought, look-alike furniture? Let Born in Brimfield create personalized, customized furniture or small outdoor structures for you in our rural, bustling workshop in Brimfield, MA. Let us create something entirely new. Or work with us to reproduce a special design or piece of furniture from your past.

Born in Brimfield Custom furniture and design builds

Custom furniture
Outdoor structures

Born in Brimfield specializes in three areas: design-build construction, renovation, and custom furniture. That third area -- custom furniture -- is somewhat new here and very popular. For years customers and friends were asking, “Can you build this?” And we did build it -- many exciting pieces for use indoors and out, including:

  • Two horse-drawn carriages to grace Old Sturbridge Village
  • A sculpted foot tub to help the owner get in an out
  • The perfect bird house
  • Replica doll house for a little girl
  • Repurposed foot stool
  • Coffee table
  • Pergola for a back deck
  • Gazebos

We love these and all the other unique projects. And we’d love to build one for you!

Born in Brimfield Custom furniture and design builds

Interested in working together? Feel free to sketch out your brilliant idea, email it, and Andrew will provide thoughts and an estimate.

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